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Are you tired of looking boring and basic? These Ahri lashes are inspired by none other than the iconic Ahri from League of Legends! As a 9-tailed fox spirit, she has a bold and captivating look. These lashes are inspired by how glam, alluring, and feline her makeup and costume all coalesce together.

Ahri is a soft and lightweight eyelash extension made of premium Korean faux mink synthetic fibers, offering a beautiful and natural effect. This high-quality material provides flexibility, strength, and durability for longer lasting lashes. Its soft texture allows for comfortable wear and effortless application.These lashes are perfect for a night out or a dramatic chunky look. complement them with a wing liner or graphic accents for that perfect Ahri effect!

Care tips:

  1. Remove the lashes carefully: When removing your strip lashes, be gentle and use a lash adhesive remover to dissolve the glue. Then, use tweezers to carefully remove the lashes from your eyelid.

  2. Clean the lashes: Clean the lashes after each use to remove any residual glue, makeup, and oils. You can use a gentle makeup remover or a mild soap and water solution. Avoid using oils or heavy creams on the lashes, as they can break down the adhesive and cause the lashes to lose their shape.

  3. Store the lashes properly: Store your strip lashes in their original packaging or a clean, dry place to keep them protected and free from dust and bacteria.

  4. Trim the lashes: If your strip lashes are too long, they might irritate your inner or outer corners. To prevent that discomfort, you can trim them to fit your eye shape. Use small scissors and cut the lashes from the outer corner, working inward.

By following these tips, you can help keep your strip lashes looking beautiful and lasting longer.


🫶🏻Gift packaging available while supplies last 💕 

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