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galactic odyssey

galactic odyssey

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Discover your own star-studded journey while wearing galactic odyssey! This soft-gel set features a multilayered galaxy design, chrome flakes, a velvet cat-eye effect, and meticulous hand-painted whorls evoking van Gogh's The Starry Night. Sail through the stars and immerse yourself in a placid sea of nebulae with these one-of-a-kind nails! Wearing these "out-of-this-world" nails will create a lasting impression that won't be forgotten.

Designated Size / Shape: Short Round

NOTE: this is a 10-piece nail kit. If you don't have your sizes yet, please indicate that you need a sizing kit by selecting the option above, and one will be sent out prior to your order being made. Upon receipt of your sizing kit, please follow the instructions included and let us know ASAP so your made-to-measure nails can be made in a timely manner! 

MODIFICATIONS: If you would like to have this style made in a different shape or size, please purchase the custom made-to-order nail set instead. Be sure to follow the instructions in the listing description and include the name of the set you would like to have customized.
(e.g., "galactic odyssey, medium square, 3,6,7,6,8")

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