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Bottom lashes (various)

Bottom lashes (various)

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Do you need to finish up your striking makeup look? What about that finishing touch to your cosplay, outfit, or coordinate? All of these can be benefited by some of our delicate bottom lashes, which are conveniently mapped onto a strip! One size fits most— make sure just to trim if you need to!

Nowadays, bottom lashes are incredibly versatile and the technology has come very far in recent years to create a natural but striking effect. Bottom lashes can really open up the eyes for a wide awake or doll like effect, enlarge or lengthen the eye opening, or change the silhouette of the eyes to better create a 3D effect as opposed to drawn bottom lashes. 

these lashes go on just like a regular strip lash but on your lower lash line! And of course feel free to mix them around and chop them up for something completely custom. 

🫶🏻Gift packaging available while supplies last 💕 

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