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Draught of Lethe 🛌

Draught of Lethe 🛌

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The Lethe, in Greek mythology, is a river in the underworld that allowed spirits to forget their mortal lives before spending eternity in the tranquil fields of Asphodel. We formulated this blend to similarly (though not to the same extent!) wash away the squabbles of the day-to-day. With every sip, wash your worries away and escape into a night of calm and tranquility with the Draught of Lethe. This organic blend of chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, passionflower, and valerian root, combined with magical butterfly pea flower petals, is the perfect remedy for reducing anxiety and aiding in relaxation. Sleep easy and wake up feeling refreshed and restored! This herbal blend's mild aroma and taste are designed to encourage a sense of inner peace, while its natural compounds can help promote restful sleep. Recharge and restore your energy levels with the magical benefits of the Draught of Lethe.

Ingredients: chamomile, lemon balm, lavender, butterfly pea flower, passionflower, valerian root

Brewing Instructions:

  • Add one tea scoop (or 1 Tbsp) per person into tea bag or tea pot/metal strainer. For larger pots of tea (3+ people), add one scoop per person plus one more for the pot.
  • Steep your tea with boiling water (212F / 100C) until fully saturated, approx. 5min (depending on altitude and ambient environment). 
  • For best results, do not lightly steep multiple times. Rather, brew the tea in one strong batch. The butterfly pea flower creates a very beautiful dark indigo color but only after steeping readily, so please bear that in mind.
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