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Flaming Luminary

Flaming Luminary

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Introducing Flaming Luminary, a vibrant tribute to the transformative symbols of ancient traditions, masterfully brought to life through a symphony of Persimmon, Yuzu, Peach, Peppercorn, and a captivating ensemble of spices.

Flaming Luminary's captivating journey begins with a vibrant burst of Yuzu and Orange Peel, their uplifting zest setting the stage for the entrancing heart of this fragrance - the revered Persimmon. In Chinese tradition, the persimmon is a herald of good luck for the New Year, its unique citrus scent casting a glow of vibrant promise and joyful anticipation.

Beneath the citrus symphony lies the intriguing pulse of Peppercorn, its bold spice offering a delightful contrast and adding an unexpected twist to the traditional holiday fruit aroma. Complemented by the succulent sweetness of Peach and the aromatic allure of an ensemble of spices, this dynamic union ignites a sensory celebration.

As the scent unfolds, it deepens into a warm, lingering base of harmonized spices, their exotic resonance grounding the bright citrus and spicy peppercorn, enveloping the space in an aura of luxe comfort and enchanted luck.

With Flaming Luminary, you're not just lighting a candle. You're igniting a beacon of tradition and transformation, bright with the promise of good fortune. Let this radiant, spiced citrus scent illuminate your space, casting an alluring glow that warms the heart and enlivens the spirit.

  • top: yuzu, citron peel
  • middle: peach, persimmon, clove
  • base: peppercorn, vanilla, tonka bean

90 hours burn time, 10oz

Directions for Use:

-when using candle for the first time, leave it to burn 2-3 hours, or until the wax has fully melted to the rim on the surface.

-regularly cut the wick with a wick trimmer (1/4 inch long) for safety and cleanliness 

-snuff/put out your candle after 4-5 hours of use

-cease burning candle when it reaches 1/2-1/4 inch from bottom (for safety reasons)

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