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lunar new year wax seals

lunar new year wax seals

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The launch of these Chinese New Year wax seal stickers come at a sentimental and important juncture in my life; they represent coming to peace with my cultural heritage and celebrating and sharing it with others.

These wax seals incorporate 6 different symbols that are significant to Chinese culture in general , but specifically the symbology of Lunar New Year and the zodiac year of the rabbit. The colors are traditional: red and gold for auspicious luck in the new year.

Chinese character: double happiness
Ginkgo leaf: hope and peace
Rabbit: year of the rabbit (2023)
Plum blossom: resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity
Moon: lunar new year!
Camellia blossom: love, affection, and care

The wax seal stickers are all handmade with 100% sealing wax, with a 3M adhesive backing-- so you can rest easy knowing your seal won't fall off a precious mail, love letter, gifts, or phone case.

You can purchase these in a mix set of 6,  or 6 of the same option. Each seal measures roughly 1 inch, though they are all hand poured and pressed so there is natural variation between them all.


1. Remove adhesive backing paper

2. Firmly press exposed adhesive onto your project. PLEASE do not remove as the glue is very strong and cannot be repositioned.

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