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Oldenberry Shield

Oldenberry Shield

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Immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom of herbal elixirs with "Oldenberry Shield," a fortifying blend of elderberry, hibiscus, and other natural wonders, masterfully conceived by.ourielle.

For centuries, hibiscus and elderberry have been cherished in folk traditions for their reputed abilities to ward off ailments and bolster well-being. "Oldenberry Shield" taps into this age-old lore, crafting a tea that is both a shield and a sanctuary. Imagine an old apothecary nestled in a forgotten forest; its shelves lined with jars of magical herbs and fruits. This tea embodies that very essence—it's not merely a drink, but a potion, a ritual, a whispered prayer for health and vitality.

Each sip of this vivid crimson brew starts with the tart allure of hibiscus, followed by the sweet, berry-like nuances of elderberry and currant. Dried apple adds a comforting sweetness, while rose hip invigorates with its fruity tang. Together, they form a harmonious medley that dances on the palate—equally delightful whether served hot, like a warm embrace on a chilly day, or iced for a rejuvenating summertime elixir.

Ingredients *all organic*

Hibiscus, Elderberry, Currant, Dried Apple, Rose Hip

Potential Health Benefits:

Hibiscus: Known in folklore for its potential to lower blood pressure and support liver health.
Elderberry: Cherished for its reputed immune-boosting properties and relief from cold symptoms.
Currant: Packed with antioxidants.
Dried Apple & Rose Hip: A source of vitamin C and additional antioxidants.

Please note, these ingredients and their purported benefits are not a substitute for medical advice. Consult healthcare providers for accurate health information.


Brewing Instructions:

Add 1 Tbsp per person into a tea bag or pot. For larger pots, add one extra scoop for the pot. Steep with boiling water (212F / 100C). Enjoy hot for a soul-warming experience or chill for a refreshing iced tea. Sweeten to taste, if desired.

"Oldenberry Shield" is more than just a tea—it's a time-honored tradition in a cup, a daily ritual to arm yourself against the world's ills while nourishing the soul. Here's to your extraordinary well-being! Cheers!

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