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Ourielle lash trio

Ourielle lash trio

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The ourielle lash trio was created to showcase 3 signature styles that have never been seen on the shop before! These lashes were curated to reflect my own personal style and taste in lashes; something that features distinct spikes, but among a variety of mapping styles. They are 3 medium-drama lashes, but feature an extra sturdy lash band for extra comfortable 'memory' that hugs and cushions the lash line after repeated use. The synthetic korean silk fibers are cruelty free and extra durable against cleaning, so they can be easily worn with heavy makeup and glitters with little risk of damage during maintenance. 

Get your ourielle lash trio bundle today, complete with a free dolly lash case (5.99 value!) and enjoy MY personal favorite lashes!


Ourielle lash trio bundle contains 3 brand new, exclusive 'main character' lashes in voluminous, dolly-like styles with complimentary case. No glue is included in the kit. Lashes are sold directly in the carrying case.

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