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sizing kits

sizing kits

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Sizing kits are a great way to try on different nail shapes, see what feels comfortable, and most importantly, to know what your measurements are. To ensure that you get the best fit possible, sizing kits are required for 10pc or premium sets. Each sizing kit will come with 1 of each size nails so you can place them against your nailbed.

Even if you have gotten nails made before, I highly recommend getting sized because even in the same manufacturer, there can be variations between shapes. Imagine clothing or undergarments: your 'normal' size does not always ensure a perfect fit. This difference is even more pronounced on such a small surface area as nails. Shapes also differ in curvature, taper, etc.

If pricing is a concern for you, please reach out privately; I am adamant about each person getting sized correctly and will make arrangements accordingly.

They should reach from edge to edge of the nails and look comfortable. NOTE: these nails are simply the base of each manicure and will become slightly thicker and larger (sturdier) after several layers of soft gel will be applied. Also, any designs with prominent 3D art will look wider compared to plain color gel so please keep that in mind when sizing.

All nails on shape reference chart are a size 5. Note how different they are between shapes and lengths. 

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