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Oracle's Spice

Oracle's Spice

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Step into a world of aromatic allure with "Oracle's Spice," a masterful blend of traditional Indian chai spices and robust Assam black tea, expertly curated by.ourielle.

This invigorating brew pays tribute to the rich heritage of Indian chai, capturing the essence of age-old rituals in a modern cup. Anchored by the depth of Assam black tea, each sip delivers a symphony of flavors: ginger's zesty kick, cinnamon's warming embrace, fennel's soothing notes, all rounded off by the complex accents of cardamom, clove, and black pepper.

Ideal for those who crave a rich and spicy experience, "Oracle's Spice" offers more than just a beverage—it offers an adventure for your senses.

Ingredients *all organic*

Assam Black Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Fennel, Cardamom, Clove, Black Pepper

Potential Health Benefits:

Assam Black Tea: High in antioxidants, boosts energy.
Ginger & Cinnamon: Anti-inflammatory, aids digestion.
Fennel & Cardamom: Supports digestive health.
Clove & Black Pepper: Rich in antioxidants, boosts metabolism.

Please note that these ingredients are not a substitute for medical advice. Consult healthcare providers for accurate health information.

Brewing Instructions:

Add 1 Tbsp per person into a tea bag or pot. For larger pots, add an extra scoop for the pot. Steep with boiling water (212F / 100C). For an authentic taste, brew with milk and a dash of sweetener.

Cheers to the extraordinary journey that "Oracle's Spice" promises with each cup!

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