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the dollhouse lash trio

the dollhouse lash trio

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The dollhouse lash trio bundle was created to meet popular demand for these lash styles! They are the perfect way to get the most eye-enlarging, complimentary, animated-looking eyes! With three best-selling styles that run the gamut from medium to extra dramatic, you'll be able to create your own unique dolly-eyed look.

Get your dramatic lash bundle today, complete with a free dolly lash case (a 5.99 value!) and enjoy beautiful lashes that'll have you feeling confident and glam!

Dollhouse lash trio bundle contains 3 bestselling 'main character' lashes in voluminous, dolly-like styles with complimentary case: Jolyne, Nana, Even spike (lower lashes). No glue is included in the kit. Lashes are sold directly in the carrying case.

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