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The Red Solstice

The Red Solstice

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Introducing Red Solstice, a pioneering fragrance, capturing the daring dichotomy of the fiery and frosty. Mirroring the distinctive ebb and flow of the solstice, it takes you on an exhilarating olfactory journey from the invigorating chill of winter to the passionate warmth of summer.

Red Solstice commences with a bracing, citrusy burst of Lemon. This top note, akin to a winter's dawn, offers an initial chill that invigorates the senses, an ode to the refreshingly cool aspect of the solstice.

At the heart of Red Solstice lies the crown jewel - fresh-grated Ginger. A far cry from traditional ginger-spice, this unique note is a lively dance between hot and cold. It is the breath of frost in winter's morning and the heat of a summer's day, masterfully capturing the refreshing chill of raw ginger coupled with its inherent warmth.

The base notes of Red Solstice, Saffron, and Amber, close the journey with a comforting warmth, akin to the setting sun at solstice's end. The opulent aroma of Saffron, with its exotic richness, seamlessly blends with the sensual warmth of Amber, evoking the enticing heat of a summer's evening.

Red Solstice is an exploration of contrasts, a rare fusion of cold refreshment and warm spice. Each flickering flame casts a glow that changes with the journey, transitioning from the crisp, cool hues of winter to the warm, inviting tones of summer.

This is Red Solstice, a symphony of hot and cold, a daring dance of seasons encapsulated in scent. Step into this intriguing narrative, and let the harmonious play of opposites in this unique, ginger-forward masterpiece ignite your senses.

  • top: lemon
  • middle: fresh ginger, saffron
  • base: amber

90 hours burn time, 10oz

Directions for Use:

-when using candle for the first time, leave it to burn 2-3 hours, or until the wax has fully melted to the rim on the surface.

-regularly cut the wick with a wick trimmer (1/4 inch long) for safety and cleanliness 

-snuff/put out your candle after 4-5 hours of use

-cease burning candle when it reaches 1/2-1/4 inch from bottom (for safety reasons)

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